Firebird brand tag
Firebird brand tag


Firebird is a pre-emergence herbicide for use in autumn and winter sown wheat and barley for the control of a wide range of key arable weeds. Weeds such as vulpia hair grass, annual poa, field pansy, speedwell and field madder. Applied before weeds have time to compete with your crops for nutrients, water and energy Firebird allows your crops to get off to the best possible start and to deliver their full yield potential.

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  • Firebird has a label claim for use on both wheat and barley.
  • Extensive trials here and in Europe have shown that Firebird is safe to the crop.
  • Firebird is applied pre-emergence of the weeds ensuring weed competition is eliminated for the important first weeks of the crop's life.
  • Firebird controls competitive and difficult weeds such as vulpia hair grass, annual poa, field madder and field pansy.
  • As Firebird is applied soon after planting it means that you can get on to the paddock to spray. You can then have the confidence to move on to other jobs knowing Firebird is protecting your crops from weeds.
Crop Autumn and winter planted wheat and barley
Weeds controlled Grass and board-leaved weeds – see label for details
Product type Herbicide Group F1+K3
Active ingredient Flufenacet 400 g/L
Diflufenican 200 g/L
Formulation type Suspension concentrate
Pack size 10L
Application rate/timing Crops should be sown no later than 31st  July.

Apply 300-500 mL/ha pre-emergence of both the crop and weeds. The higher rate is recommended when the paddock has problem weeds present, a high grassweed burden or the seedbed is cloddy.

When using Firebird observe the buffer zone as stated in the label.

Do not apply Firebird aerially.
Mixing Shake the container well before use. Half fill the spray tank with clean water and add the required amount of Firebird. Wash out the container and add the washings to the spray solution, before topping up with clean water. Maintain continuous agitation of spray solution. Do not leave the sprayer filled with the spray solution standing for long periods.

Wash out the sprayer thoroughly after use using a wetting agent or proprietary tank cleaner.
Application volume Apply Firebird using 200-300 L/ha as a fine droplet.
Compatibility Before mixing Firebird with other crop protection products, check to ensure that this will not negatively affect product efficacy and crop safety.
Withholding period None given
Following crops and crop failure Refer to label for details

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