Nortron - the first choice for early weed control in fodder beet and red beet crops.

Nortron is a pre and post-emergence herbicide for the control of grass and broad-leaved weeds in beet crops


  • Nortron safely controls a range of competing weeds in beet crops, e.g. annual poa, shepherd's purse, spurrey.
  • Nortron is the brand leader, known and trusted by New Zealand farmers for many years.
  • Based on non-ALS chemistry Nortron allows a break from using ALS herbicides in paddocks and is an important part of weed control husbandry.

Using Nortron on Fodder Beet

Weeds: Post-emergence weeds 

Use 2.0 L/ha in 200 - 300 L of water.  Make the second applications at 2.0 L/ha in mixture with Betanal Forte at 1.5 L/ha after the crop has two true leaves fully developed. The first application when weeds are from cotyledon to two true leaf stage and the second 10 - 14 days later.

Using Nortron on Pasture

Weed: Barley grass 

Boom application:  Use 4.0 L in 200 - 400 litres water/ha.  Gun application:  Use 400 ml/100 L water.  Knapsack application:  Use 400 ml/100 L water to wet the foliage.

Using Nortron on Red Beet or Beetroot

Weeds: Pre and post-emergent weeds

Use 3.0 - 4.0 L in 200 - 300 L water/ha. Apply before or as soon as possible after drilling but before crop or weed emergence. The seedbed should be fine, firm and moist. If soil is dry or cloddy use the higher rate before sowing and incorporate to 3 - 5 cm.  Post-emergence: Use 4.0 L in 200 - 300 L water/ha and apply while weeds are in the cotyledon to two leaf stage.