Maize is a very important crop in New Zealand. It is grown for the production of quality animal feed, either in the form of grain maize or as maize silage.

The key to growing a productive maize crop is to ensure successful plant establishment. A number of insect pests attack maize as it is establishing and without adequate control significant plant losses can occur. Applying an effective seed treatment such as Gaucho from Bayer Crop Science will ensure maize crops get off to a flying start.

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Gaucho is a proven, highly effective seed treatment insecticide providing broad spectrum control of above and below ground pests, in a range of important New Zealand crops. Once treated seed is planted, the active ingredient in Gaucho is released and forms a protective halo around the seed. As the plant grows, systemic action transports Gaucho throughout the developing stem and leaves, ensuring long lasting insect control, and maximising crop yield potential and profitability.