Raxil star brand tag
Raxil star brand tag

Raxil Star

Raxil Star is a new seed treatment which replaces Raxil 25FS. Raxil Star offers outstanding protection of cereal seed against seed borne diseases including net blotch.
Raxil Star contains three very active fungicides: Tebuconazole, prothioconazole and fluopyram. This combination delivers very broad spectrum control. Not just the smuts and bunts that Raxil 25FS controlled so well but also Fusarium species, Monographella nivalis (aka Microdochium nivalis) and for the first time seed borne net blotch.

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3 pronged attack – containing three complimentary, highly active fungicide groups to ensure comprehensive control of a wide range of diseases.

Unbeatable loose smut control. Infection by loose smut has a devastating impact on yield.

While Raxil Star contains an SDHI fungicide the innovative formulation means that two foliar SDHI fungicides can be applied following the use of Raxil Star

Raxil Star can be mixed with Peridiam Ferti to ensure the perfect start to the growing season

Raxil Star is very cost-effective delivering more product and more disease control for a similar price to Raxil 25FS
Crop Diseases Controlled
Barley Loose smut, covered smut, leaf stripe, seed borne net blotch, Fusarium sp and Monographella nivalis
Oats Loose smut, covered smut, Fusarium sp and Monographella nivalis
Ryecorn Fusarium sp and Monographella nivalis
Triticale Fusarium sp and Monographella nivalis
Wheat Loose smut, Bunt (stinking smut), Fusarium sp and Monographella nivalis
Question Answer
Product Type
Active Ingredient Fluopyram 20 g/L
Prothioconazole 100 g/L
Tebuconazole 60 g/L
Formulation Type Flowable concentrate
Application equipment Use clean and calibrated seed treatment machinery.
Compatibility Raxil Star can be applied sequentially or in conjunction with Galmano®, Gaucho® or Poncho®

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