Aliette WG

Aliette WG

Aliette WG is a systemic fungicide for the control of phytophora in ornamentals and non-bearing apples, kiwifruit, avocados and citrus.

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  • A genuine systemic with upward and downward translocation properties in the plant.

  • Is absorbed into plants through the foliage and the roots.

  • Penetrates rapidly into the plant and has a long residual action.

  • Pack size - 1 kg.

Please download product label for full usage guidelines.

Crop Diseases Controlled
Ornamentals Phytophthora
Non-bearing apples Phytophthora
Avocados Phytophthora
Citrus Phytophthora
Kiwifruit Phytophthora
Question Answer
Product Type Fungicide
Active Ingredient Fosetyl present as aluminium salt 800 g/kg
Formulation Type Water dispersable granules
Pack Size 1 kg
Dose Ornamentals, Non-bearing apples, Avocados, Kiwifruit, Citrus: 250-500g/litres
Apples: 250g/100 litres
Ornamentals, Non-bearing apples, Avocados, Kiwifruit, Citrus: Apply at monthly intervals particularly during periods of high disease pressure in the spring & autumn.
Apples: Apply 2 sprays at 28 day intervals in the spring. A further 1-2 spray should be applied at monthly intervals after harvest.
Withholding Period Apples: 100 days
Compatibility Aliette WG is best applied alone. It maybe mixed with some pesticides, but check compatibility prior to use. Do not mix Aliette WG with nitrogen based foliar fertilisers, copper sprays or oil based sprays.

Aliette WG Label

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