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Movento 150OD is an insecticide which provides excellent residual control of sucking insect pests, including psyllids and aphids.

Movento 150OD is a two-way systemic insecticide for the control of tomato/potato psyllids and aphids in potatoes and tomato/potato psyllids in outdoor field tomatoes.

Movento 150OD is unique in that it has two-way systemicity in plants. This means it moves both upwards and downwards and can therefore reach pests that cannot be directly targeted by spray coverage.

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  • Keep your potato crops healthy by protecting against psyllid attack with Movento 150OD thus maximising crop yield and quality, resulting in better profitability.

  • Revolutionary two-way systemicity allowing Movento 150OD to protect developing leaves and difficult to reach parts of the plant.

  • Movento 150OD is from a new chemical group with a new mode of action, thus an excellent resistance management tool.

  • Contains unique OD (oil dispersion) formulation technology; designed to maximise product uptake into leaves and biological efficacy.
Crop Pests Controlled
Field Tomatoes Tomato/Potato psyllid
Potatoes Tomato/Potato psyllid and aphids
Question Answer
Product Type Insecticide
Active Ingredient Spirotetramat 150 g/litre 
Formulation Type Oil dispersion
Application Rate/Timing Use 560 ml/ha. Make two applications early in the season at 7 day intervals as part of a programme, in sufficient water to ensure good coverage of all foliage. If large numbers of adult tomato/potato psyllids are present, add a knockdown insecticide.  The rates suggested are for high volume spraying of a dilute spray without excessive run-off. For concentrate spraying adjust dilution rate accordingly.
Withholding Period Field Tomatoes and Potatoes: 35 days
Compatibility Movento OD is compatible with most fungicides and insecticides.
Do not mix with chlorothalanil and foliar fertilisers.
Do no mix with adjuvants until crop safety has been tested.

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