Othello brand tag
Othello brand tag

Othello OD

Othello OD is a post-emergence herbicide for use in wheat. Containing three complimentary herbicides, Othello OD delivers outstanding broad spectrum weed control. By utilising different modes of action, the risk of weed resistance occurring in your paddocks is reduced.

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  • Othello OD combines the innovation and power of mesosulfuron and iodosulfuron with diflufenican to deliver unsurpassed control of many grass and broad-leaved weeds in wheat. Cost effective
  • Othello OD not only safeguards yields through effective weed control but also simplifies weed control programmes in many paddocks.
  • Othello OD utilises herbicides with different modes of action thereby reducing the risk of weed resistance in your paddocks.
  • Othello OD utilises ODesi (OD) technology, innovative adjuvant technology which removes the need to add separate adjuvants.
Crop Wheat
Weeds controlled Grass and broad-leaved weeds – see label for details
Product type Herbicide Group B+F1
Active Ingredient Diflufenican 50 g/L
Mesosulfuron methyl 7.5 g/L
Iodosulfuron methyl sodium 2.5 g/L
Mefenpyr-diethyl (Safener) 22.5 g/L
Formulation type Oil dispersion
Pack size 5L
Application rate/timing Apply 1.0 L/ha as a post-emergence application up to GS30 of the wheat.
Some leaf yellowing may occur on wheat plants after application of Othello OD. These symptoms if they occur, will usually disappear after 4-5 weeks.
Do NOT treat undersown wheat.
Avoid spraying during periods of prolonged or severe frosts as transitory discoloration or scorch to the crop may result.
Mixing Shake the container well before use. Half fill the spray tank with clean water and add the required amount of Othello OD. Wash out the container and add the washings to the spray solution, before topping up with clean water. Maintain continuous agitation of spray solution. Do not leave the sprayer filled with the spray solution standing for long periods.
Wash out the sprayer thoroughly after use using a wetting agent or proprietary tank cleaner.
Application volume Apply Othello OD using 200-300 L/ha as a fine droplet.
Compatibility Before mixing Othello OD with other crop protection products, check to ensure that this will not negatively affect product efficacy and crop safety.
Withholding period Grain: Do not apply after growth stage 30 (BBCH)
Grazing or cutting for feed: 28 days
Following crops and crop failure No restrictions.

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