Hussar brand tag
Hussar brand tag


Hussar is a post-emergence herbicide for use in wheat, durum wheat, triticale, barley and ryecorn for the control of a broad spectrum of grass and broad leaf weeds.

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  • Hussar minimises the number of products to stock being registered for the control of a wide range of weeds on all cereals except for oats.
  • Hussar is particularly effective for the control of ryegrass, a particularly troublesome and yield robbing grass weed.
  • Hussar can be used through to GS32 of the crop which can be a great help if the weather is changeable.
  • While Hussar requires the use of an adjuvant called Partner for effective weed control Hussar and Partner are supplied together, removing the worry about how much adjuvant to apply or the need to purchase an adjuvant separately.
Crop Autumn and spring planted wheat, durum wheat, triticale, ryecorn and barley
Weeds controlled Grass and broad-leaved weeds – see label for details
Product Type Herbicide - Group B
Active Ingredients Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium 50g /kg 
Mefenpyr-diethyl(safener) 150g/kg
Formulation type Water dispersible granule
Pack Size 600 g
Application rate/timing Hussar can be applied to crops up to the 2nd node stage.
Use 150 g/ha Hussar with 1.0 L/ha Partner after weed emergence but before they reach the maximum growth stages specified.
Do not apply if rainfall is expected within 2 hours
Mixing Half fill the spray tank with water, then with agitation in motion, add the correct amount of Hussar directly into the spray tank. Add other relevant compatible pesticides and finally, add the Partner. Complete filling the tank with agitators in motion. Agitation must continue before and during spraying.
Surfactant: The addition of Partner is essential for control.
Failure to clean residues from spraying equipment can result in injury to sensitive crops.
Application volume Apply a spray volume of 200 - 300 I/ha and as a fine spray droplet.
Compatibility Before mixing Hussar with other crop protection products, check to ensure that this will not negatively affect product efficacy and crop safety.
Withholding period Silage/Grazing: barley 28 days, other cereals (except barley) 56 days.
Following crops and crop failure Refer to label for details

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