Save time and resources by controlling a wide range of common grass and broad-leaved weeds. Hussar is a proven herbicide providing broad spectrum, post-emergence control of a very wide range of common grass and broad-leaved weeds found in New Zealand cereal crops.

Weeds compete very aggressively with your crop for nutrients, energy (in the form of light) and water and usually they win! The result: reduced yields, reduced grain quality, lower profits. To minimise the impact on crop yield, it is recommended that Hussar is applied when weeds are small, during warm and moist growth conditions. Hussar controls a wide range of broad leaved and grass weeds e.g. chickweed, cleavers, annual poa.  Hussar is particularly effective at controlling ryegrass.

Using Hussar on Wheat and Barley

Weed: Post-emergence weeds

Use 150 g/ha Hussar with 1.0 L/ha Partner after weed emergence but before they reach the maximum growth stages specified.