Betanal Forte brand tag
Betanal Forte brand tag

Betanal Forte

Betanal Forte has offered forty years of effective weed control for New Zealand farmers. Betanal Forte is an effective post-emergence contact herbicide for the control of a wide variety of broad leaved weeds in beet crops.

Betanal Forte readily controls seedling stages of: chickweed, fathen, fumitory, groundsel, redroot, shepherd’s purse, spurrey, nettle and twin cress. Black nightshade, cornbind and willow weed are controlled only up to four true leaf stage.  Grass weeds, mature annual broad-leaved weeds, perennial broadleaved weeds and wireweed are not controlled. 

Small beet plants do not tolerate competition from weeds. You should aim, therefore, to establish  the crop quickly in a fine, firm seedbed and ensure weed competition is eliminated by applying a robust weed control programme.

Effective weed control during the first 8 - 10 weeks of the crop's life will maximise crop yields and returns.

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  • Betanal Forte effectively controls a wide range of broad-leaved weeds including willow weed, fathen, groundel, black nightshade in beet crops, providing increased yield and crop quality.
  • Betanal Forte can be applied once the weeds have reached two true leaves ensuring weed competition is removed quickly.
  • Betanal has a proud 40 year history of effective weed control and ongoing product innovation around the world.
  • Betanal Forte contains 160 g/L phenmedipham plus 160 g/L desmedipham in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate.
Crop Fodder beet, red beet and sugar beet
Weeds controlled Broad-leaved weeds - see label for details
Product type Herbicide - Group C1+N
Active ingredient Phenmedipham 160 g/L
Desmedipham 160 g/L 
Formulation type Emulsifiable concentrate
Pack size 10L
Application rate/timing Fodder Beet

Use 1.5 L/ha after the crop has two leaves fully developed.

For best results treat weeds at the youngest possible stage.

Sugar and Red Beets

Use 3.0 – 4.5 L/ha after the crop has two true leaves fully developed.

For best results treat weeds at the youngest possible stage. Damage may occur especially on red beet if treated prior to the two true leaf stage.  For weeds up to four true leaves, use 3.0 L/ha in 200 L of water. For weeds from 4 - 6 true leaves and hard to kill weeds up to four true leaves, use 4.5 L/ha.

Note: Do not apply if air temperatures are likely to exceed 29oC on the day of spraying. Herbicide activity will also be slowed down in cool weather.
Mixing Ensure spray equipment is thoroughly cleaned before use. Add the required amount of Betanal Forte to a partly-filled spray tank with the agitation system operating. Add the remaining water and any tank mixture partners. Maintain agitation until spraying is complete. Flush equipment with clean water after use.
Application volume Apply Betanal Forte using 200-300 L/ha on fodder beet and 200 L/ha on sugar beet and red beet.
Compatibility Before mixing Betanal Forte with other crop protection products, check to ensure that this will not negatively affect product efficacy and crop safety. Betanal Forte should not be mixed with foliar nutrients or surfactants.
Withholding period Fodder Beet: 56 days. Do not graze stock on treated areas for 56 days after spraying.
Following crops and crop failure For a beet crop fed or harvested normally no restrictions apply. In the event of a crop failure contact Bayer or your agrochemical supplier for guidance.

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