New Zealand grows some of the highest barley yields in the world. We are fortunate to enjoy the ideal climatic conditions, to have available water for irrigation and to be home to some of the best arable farmers in the world to make this possible. As yield is the primary driver of profitability for barley crops this makes it a very economically attractive crop to grow.

To ensure a barley crop realises its full potential, care is needed right from planting in order to control a range of weed, disease and insect pests and Bayer Crop Science provides a range of very effective products to do this. These products include seed treatments such as Raxil Star and Peridiam seed coatings, herbicides such as Firebird and Hussar and fungicides such as CALEY iblon, VIMOY iblon, Aviator Xpro, Delaro, Proline and Prosaro.