New Zealand grows some of the highest barley yields in the world. We are fortunate to enjoy the ideal climatic conditions, to have available water for irrigation and to be home to some of the best arable farmers in the world to make this possible. As yield is the primary driver of profitability for barley crops this makes it a very economically attractive crop to grow.

To ensure a barley crop realises its full potential, care is needed right from planting in order to control a range of weed, disease and insect pests and Bayer Crop Science provides a range of very effective products to do this. These products include Raxil Star seed treatment, herbicides such as Firebird and Hussar and fungicides such as CALEY iblon, VIMOY iblon, Aviator Xpro, Delaro, Proline and Prosaro.

Recommended Products

Raxil star brand tag
Raxil Star

Raxil Star is a new seed treatment which replaces Raxil 25FS. Raxil Star offers outstanding protection of cereal seed against seed borne diseases including net blotch.
Raxil Star contains three very active fungicides: Tebuconazole, prothioconazole and fluopyram. This combination delivers very broad spectrum control. Not just the smuts and bunts that Raxil 25FS controlled so well but also Fusarium species, Monographella nivalis (aka Microdochium nivalis) and for the first time seed borne net blotch.


Delaro - the broad spectrum, cost effective fungicide for cereals and ryegrass seed crops.

Delaro is the ideal fungicide for early season use in barley and for late season disease control in wheat. Combining generous amounts of two complimentary non SDHI- fungicides at a competitive price, Delaro delivers excellent disease control.

Vimoy iblon
VIMOY iblon

The perfect choice when you require a versatile, top performing SDHI fungicide to allow you to design your fungicide mixtures.

VIMOY iblon provides exceptional disease control, resulting in consistently high yields and increased profit.


Prosaro - the dual DMI fungicide for broad spectrum disease control in wheat, barley and ryegrass seed crops.

Caley iblon
CALEY iblon

The perfect choice when you require a top performing, convenient, all-in-one fungicide for wheat, barley and ryegrass seed crops.

For exceptional disease control, leading to consistently high yields and increased profit.

Firebird brand tag
Firebird is a pre-emergence herbicide for use in autumn and winter sown wheat and barley for the control of a wide range of key arable weeds. Weeds such as vulpia hair grass, annual poa, field pansy, speedwell and field madder. Applied before weeds have time to compete with your crops for nutrients, water and energy Firebird allows your crops to get off to the best possible start and to deliver their full yield potential.
Hussar brand tag
Hussar is a post-emergence herbicide for use in wheat, durum wheat, triticale, barley and ryecorn for the control of a broad spectrum of grass and broad leaf weeds.

Proline is commonly recognised as New Zealand’s leading fungicide for disease control in barley and ryegrass seed crops.

Proline is used by many of New Zealand’s top cereal growers to help achieve high crop yields and greater financial returns.