Barley Spray Programme - Weeds

Please refer to the product labels for a full list of rates, the weeds controlled by the products and other important information.
Barley Weeds Spray Programme 2020

Recommended Products

Firebird brand tag
Firebird is a pre-emergence herbicide for use in autumn and winter sown wheat and barley for the control of a wide range of key arable weeds. Weeds such as vulpia hair grass, annual poa, field pansy, speedwell and field madder. Applied before weeds have time to compete with your crops for nutrients, water and energy Firebird allows your crops to get off to the best possible start and to deliver their full yield potential.
Hussar brand tag
Hussar is a post-emergence herbicide for use in wheat, durum wheat, triticale, barley and ryecorn for the control of a broad spectrum of grass and broad leaf weeds.