Vayego brand tag
Vayego brand tag


Unique, fast acting and systemic control of Codling Moth, Leaf Roller Caterpillar and Bronze Beetle in Pipfruit.

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  • New chemistry with a unique spectrum of pest control
  • Proven activity against all life stages of Moths
  • Fast cessation of feeding with systemic activity and excellent length of activity
  • Soft on key beneficials

Please download the product label for full use guidelines.

Crop Pest Controlled
Apples, Pears and Nashi Codling Moth, Leafrollers and Bronze Beetle
Question Answer
Product Type Insecticide
Active Ingredient
Tetraniliprole 200 g/l
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate
Pack Size 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 L
Application Rate/Timing

Use 15 ml/100L as a dilute application. Make up to 2 applications per season. The first application should be made post-petal fall. A second application may be made as required, with a minimum of a 21 day interval and up to 14 days before harvest, as part of an IPM program. The second application should only be made if pest thresholds are exceeded.
NB: Do not apply more than two consecutive applications of Group 28 Insecticides in any one season.

For dilute application, spray to the point of run-off. Ensure complete coverage. For concentrate spraying adjust the rate accordingly.

Compatibility Vayego® is compatible with common agricultural adjuvants and trace elements.
Withholding Period Apples, pears and nashi: 14 days before harvest.

Import tolerances for produce treated with Vayego may be pending in some countries. Consult with your exporter or Bayer NZ before applying Vayego to export crops.

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