Vayego - Break the cycle fast

Unique, fast acting and systemic control of Codling Moth, Leaf Roller Caterpillar and Bronze Beetle in Pipfruit.


  • New chemistry with a unique spectrum of pest control
  • Proven activity against all life stages of Moths
  • Fast cessation of feeding with systemic activity and excellent length of activity
  • Soft on key beneficials
Please download the product label for full use guidelines.

Using Vayego on Apples, pears and nashi

Insect pest: Codling moth, leafrollers and bronze beetle

Use 15 ml/100L as a dilute application. Make up to 2 applications per season. The first application should be made post-petal fall. A second application may be made as required, with a minimum of a 21 day interval and up to 14 days before harvest, as part of an IPM program. The second application should only be made if pest thresholds are exceeded.
NB: Do not apply more than two consecutive applications of Group 28 Insecticides in any one season.

For dilute application, spray to the point of run-off. Ensure complete coverage. For concentrate spraying adjust the rate accordingly.

Vayego has proven efficacy against all life cycles of
Codling Moth and Bronze Beetle.

Bronse Beetle Rotten Apple

Lepidoptera - Codling Moth & Leaf Roller Caterpillar.

  • Ovicidal, larvicidal and adulticidal
    Active on all 3 of the life stages of codling moth, eggs, larvae and adults. Damage risk is reduced by having maximum protection.
  • Rapid cessation of feeding
    Larvae lose muscle control, become immobile, and cease feeding immediately after application, giving the benefit of less damaged fruit.
  • Vayego is locally systemic
    Ensures distribution around the tree, giving further strength to control.