Resistance Management

Luna Sensation contains fluopyram from the SDHI (Succinate Dehydrogenase Inhibitor) mode of action (Group 7) and trifloxystrobin from the Quinone outside Inhibitors (QoI) mode of action (Group 11). Resistance to this fungicide and related products could develop in some disease situations from repeated use. To minimize this risk always use Luna Sensation preventatively and do not use more than 2 consecutive applications. Refer to for further information.

Luna Sensation is classified as a medium to high risk for resistance development. When using Luna Sensation in stonefruit the best recommended resistance management strategies below should be followed -
  • Always use Luna Sensation preventatively
  • Do not use more than 2 consecutive applications
  • Use either at flowering OR pre-harvest
  • Ensure different Mode of Action (MoA) fungicides are used in a seasonal programme.


For more information on fungicide resistance click on the image below.

A guide to fungicide resistance

Brown rot infections occur in ripening fruit when wet weather occurs 3 to 4 weeks prior to harvest. However, this can often be caused by a latent infection which has occurred over the flowering period. It is important to have a season long fungicide program starting from early flowering through to harvest to prevent infection development. Luna Sensation provides growers with a powerful new tool for incorporation into Brown rot control programmes. 
Trial results from the Bayer CropScience Field Solutions team and independent trial specialists demonstrated just how versatile Luna Sensation is, with exceptional efficacy when applied either at flowering, or pre harvest.