Using Luna Sensation In Grapes

Luna Sensation is new innovative technology from Bayer that provides outstanding disease control, including powdery mildew in grapes.

Alongside outstanding efficacy, Luna Sensation has a high level of safety to the environment, is easy to use and is able to be used in nil-detectable residue programmes in grapes.

5 steps to using Luna Sensation on Grapes

Powdery mildew (Erysiphe necator) is a common and increasingly problematic disease for grape growers in New Zealand. While being unsightly, its major impact is financial. Powdery mildew infections of bunches can severely impact quality causing reduced berry size, delaying maturity and result in splitting.
As dense canopies favour disease development and restrict spray coverage, using cultural techniques can assist control. These include physical removal of flag shoots and management of crop canopies (shoot thinning and trimming). Alongside cultural practices, a seasonal spray programme is required to protect grape crops from economic loss from powdery mildew.
Controlling early season infections to prevent later epidemics occurring is vital. A season long fungicide programme starting from early shoot development through to pre-bunch closure is necessary to prevent powdery mildew development. Luna Sensation provides growers with a powerful new tool for incorporation into powdery mildew programmes.
Recent testing from New Zealand vineyards has shown reduced sensitivity and potential resistance development to two fungicide groups. These are Group 3 – DMI fungicides and Group 11 – QOI (Strobilurin) fungicides.
While under development, Luna Sensation was extensively trialled by not only the Bayer CropScience Field Solutions technicians, but also by Independent trial specialists. At the time the trial work was being performed, Powdery Mildew started to sexually reproduce in the main Grape growing areas. Thus, Powdery Mildew control solutions were placed under greater pressure than ever before. Click below to see just how well Luna Sensation performed.