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Luna Sensation - Application Recommendation

Using Luna Sensation In Spray Programmes

Controlling early season infections to prevent later epidemics occurring is vital. A season long fungicide programme starting from early shoot development through to pre-bunch closure is necessary to prevent powdery mildew development. Luna Sensation provides growers with a powerful new tool for incorporation into powdery mildew programmes.

As powdery mildew grows on the outside of plant surfaces it can be targeted by direct contact with fungicides.  For this reason it is critical that excellent and complete coverage is achieved with fungicide spray applications.  Other management techniques that can assist control include physical removal of flag shoots and management of crop canopies. Dense canopies favour disease development and restrict spray coverage.

Updated Recommendation (August 2017)

For best Resistance Management practice we have updated our recommendations for using Luna Sensation in grapes, as below:

  • Only apply one Luna Sensation application per season.
  • Do not use consecutive applications of Luna Sensation.
  • Do not use consecutive applications of SDHI/Qol containing mixture fungicides.
  • Ensure Luna Sensation is incorporated into a robust seasonal powdery mildew spray programme.
  • Luna Sensation can be safely mixed with sulphur.

As below, if using Luna Sensation at pre-flower, use an alternative MoA (Mode of Action) function at 80% capfall. Click on the below growth chart to enlarge.

Pre-flowering Spray Programme


As below, if using Luna Sensation at 80% capfall, use an alternative MoA product (eg; Impulse®) at pre-flowering.

Flowering Spray Programme

Luna Sensation – mixing with sulphur

Trials during the last two seasons were conducted tank mixing Luna Sensation with sulphur (Kumulus). Go to the Field Trials section to see the results. No compatibility, plant tolerance or product performance issues were observed with Luna Sensation and sulphur tank mixes. Luna Sensation can be safely tank mixed with sulphur on grapes.

Luna Sensation – botrytis control

Luna Sensation will not control botrytis. If Luna Sensation is used at 80% capfall, it must be tank mixed with an effective botryticide fungicide (eg; Teldor®). Luna Sensation can be tank mixed with commercially important botryticides used in grapes. Further information on this can be found in the Resistance Management section.


Impulse is another Bayer Crop Science fungicide that is a highly effective option for controlling powdery mildew in grapes. Click here to go to the Impulse User Guide.

As dense canopies favour disease development and restrict spray coverage, using cultural techniques can assist control. These include physical removal of flag shoots and management of crop canopies (shoot thinning and trimming). Alongside cultural practices, a seasonal spray programme is required to protect grape crops from economic loss from powdery mildew.
Recent testing from New Zealand vineyards has shown reduced sensitivity and potential resistance development to two fungicide groups. These are Group 3 – DMI fungicides and Group 11 – QOI (Strobilurin) fungicides.