Growing a world record crop - no easy feat

You’ve done it! These were the words Murray Roberts yelled across the yard as he emerged from the weighing shed.

Murray had spent several hours meticulously recording weights, taking samples and analysing moisture content, so it was fitting he should announce the news.

The team involved knew it was looking good but they also knew everything relied on the last truck load.

To get a Guinness World Record into the record books is a big task. Achieving not one, but two world yield records for Canterbury, is a fantastic achievement.

It has really cemented Canterbury cereal grower's place on the map and is testament to the skillset operating throughout the New Zealand arable industry.

Whether it is machinery and seed companies, agrochemical and nutritional manufacturers like Bayer or Yara, surveying and measurement specialists or our expert witnesses, all displayed the utmost professionalism throughout the attempt.

Special thanks for the guidance provided by Warren Darling for sharing his experience gained with his own successful world record for the barley yield.

Achieving Eric and Maxine’s record needed 12 months planning, complete dedication and total focus on the day. And from a team, not just from Eric and Maxine. This is a big challenge for any team of people but the team involved achieved just that.

Murray’s dedication in the weighing shed was exemplary but there were many other unsung heroes. The two tractor drivers who didn’t spill a kg of grain from start to finish. The witnesses who not only came at short notice but in one case gave up harvesting on their own farm for the day. Darcy from the Bayer Auckland team who went through the Guinness rules in minute detail.

And with a special word for Daniel Suddaby, Bayer Regional Manager for Bayer in Southland, who performed the thankless task of sitting in the paddock all afternoon under a relentless Canterbury sun ensuring the video cameras filming in the paddock didn’t stop!