We share your commitment to growing the perfect crop

Season after season, despite the ever present threat of crop disease, you strive to improve yield. At Bayer, we understand what it takes to grow the perfect crop. We set exceptionally high standards for our products, invest heavily in research and development and back it up with comprehensive onfarm technical support. But it's not just all this that makes us the right choice for your growing partner. It's the tools, fact sheets, growing guides and information we provide that gives you a comprehensive platform to maximise your yield.

Bayer Crop Science Passion for Growing


Timing is everything; applying the right product at the right stage is fundamental to crop protection. We understand that getting it right is critical to the success of your business, especially for disease control, so not only do we have a team of experts on hand that you can rely on for on farm support, but we are running Disease watch again to help advise on growth stages and disease development. Need help? Get in touch

Bayer Crop Science Passion for Growing


Growing the perfect crop; it’s something that many of us strive for and while turning a profit is the ultimate goal, growing a clean and healthy crop brings a different kind of satisfaction. Bayer’s team of seven Territory Managers and eight in field Development Specialists share your passion for higher yielding, pest and disease free crops.

Bayer Crop Science Passion for Growing


Making a profit is what keeps the wheels turning season after season. Bayer understands the importance of ensuring local farmers can maximise yields and crop quality to get the best return on investment. The support we offer extends far beyond crop protection; Bayer’s team of agronomic experts provide local farmers with the expertise they need to get the best out of the season.

Bayer Crop Science Passion for Growing


We understand that New Zealand growers face many challenges throughout the season and we’re here to ensure crop protection isn’t one of them. When you partner with Bayer you can be sure that you’ve got a quality formulation that’s been thoroughly tested so you can spend your time running your business and less time worrying about crop protection.

Bayer Crop Science Passion for Growing


Bayer is committed to New Zealand agricultural industry now and in the future. We are constantly looking at new active ingredients and conducting local trials. Globally, Bayer spends more than $1.5 billion dollars on agriculture research and development and New Zealand farmers continue to reap the rewards of this investment, often being the first in the world to benefit from new chemistry.

Bayer Crop Science Passion for Growing

The Bayer Team

The New Zealand team has decades of experience, a wealth of knowledge across crop segments and are on hand to deliver the support when you need it, both at a head office level and in the field. We understand what drives you and we are committed to helping you to grow a profitable, healthy crop that you can be proud of.