About Bayer Crop Science Globally


Bayer Crop Science was formed from the merger of two successful global players: Bayer Crop Protection and Aventis CropScience. Bayer Crop Science is now well on its way to becoming a global market leader with a newly-found identity and corporate culture combining the strengths and merits of both enterprises.
Bayer quickly obtained the necessary approvals for acquiring Aventis CropScience, and the divestments imposed by the anti-trust authorities were successfully carried out. A further key component was merging the operative business units around the globe; at the same time it was imperative to secure the organization's operational performance in the light of the administrative effort associated with the integration. Since then, the vast majority of the companies' operations have been successfully integrated worldwide.

The fact that Bayer Crop Science was able to successfully defend its market share during this fundamental restructuring phase represents a major achievement. We are an innovation leader and are determined.


Bayer Crop Science is proud of its achievements to date – and with good reason. At the same time there is no misperception about the fact that the coming years will be difficult and numerous obstacles will have to be overcome.

Reaching targets

The development of new products and significant growth impulses from the product registrations of recent years and planned market launches in the course of the current business year will be a significant factor in obtaining the mid-term targets and as such represent a major focus of the business activities. Bayer Crop Science's cutting-edge technological platform, sound experience and proven track record in the field of managing innovation will be instrumental in achieving the set targets.