Roundup Ultra®MAX Case Study – Rod May, Darfield

When growing high value crops, such as gourmet potatoes, it’s essential the crop is weed-free and given the best chance to produce a good yield.

That’s why Darfield mixed cropping farmer Rod May has been using Roundup® products for 20 odd years.

Roundup Ultra®MAX Case Study – Rod May, Darfield

I love Roundup Ultra®MAX. My experience is that it controls all the problem weeds, including couch or twitch grass at 3 litres per hectare. The penetration is great and it results in100% kill rates.

Although Rod’s farm is comparatively small at 200 hectares, he’s working on increasing production, thanks in part to better access to water through the Central Plains Irrigation Scheme.

We’re a minimum till farm and don’t really plough anymore – we don’t have to with Roundup Ultra®Max. If I’m using an ex-rye grass paddock for potatoes, I’ll pre-spray a month before planting. I always get a good kill rate and it breaks down well. I don’t need a second spray – I’ve never had a failure with Roundup Ultra®MAX.

Other crops Rod grows include wheat and barley, white clover, rye grass, hemp seed, red radish seed, Chinese kale seed, spinach and garden peas. He also has 2500 store lambs or finishing lambs.

We’re one of the smaller units around, but with water and products such as Roundup Ultra®MAX, we can produce as much as farms two or three times our size. Our wheat yield is now up around 14 tonnes per hectare and we’re continually trying to improve on this. That’s why we need the reliability and consistency of Roundup Ultra®Max – it’s too good not to use.