New Zealand farmers are growing fodder beet for feed due to the crop’s high yields and energy rich dry matter content.
As the planted area of fodder beet increases across the country, so too does the threat of disease. After years of research and development, Bayer New Zealand is pleased to offer a solution for farmers looking to maximise yields and increase returns.
Escolta® is a highly effective foliar fungicide for the control of fodder beet diseases. A co-formulation of two active ingredients, Escolta controls four prevalent diseases affecting New Zealand beet paddocks: beet rust, powdery mildew, Ramularia leaf spot and Cercospora.

Three ways foliar diseases threaten the potential of your beet crop
Escolta increases yields

Farmer block trials last season demonstrated the yield benefits from Escolta applications. 

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For more information on Escolta, including farmer user experiences, the label, SDS and Haznote, please visit the Escolta product page.

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Beet Disease Manual

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