Luna Privilege

Luna Privilege is a systemic and protectant fungicide for the control of sclerotinia in kiwifruit.

Luna Privilege contains fluopyram, a new active ingredient from Bayer that demonstrates excellent efficacy against a range of diseases, including sclerotinia in Kiwifruit.

Luna Privilege provides long lasting protection as part of the active stays on plant surfaces, which allows small quantities to penetrate in over a longer period. Luna Privilege also exhibits upward systemic movement and translaminar activity which provides protection of untreated plant surfaces too.


  • Luna Privilege provides a new standard in sclerotinia control.
  • Luna Privilege has flexibility as it can be applied upto 7 days before flowering or up to 80% flowering. STOP PRESS - see more information below.
  • Luna Privilege has a high level of safety to bees.
  • Luna Privilege is an easy to use liquid formulation.
When used as directed, Luna Privilege leaves nil detectable residues at harvest.

When applied before flowering, Luna Privilege can be tank mixed with Movento 100SC and other products used on Kiwifuit. (Please refer to the User Guide).

STOP PRESS: In the export spray programme, Zespri have restricted the use of Luna Privilege up to as close to the start of flowering as possible (do not use past the bud phase). Consult the latest Zespri Crop Protection Standard as use recommendations may differ from those on the product label.

Pack size - 1 L Plastic Bottle

Using Luna Privilege on Kiwifruit

Disease: Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Apply 300 ml/ha.  Make a single application from 7 days prior to start of flowering upto 80% flowering.

For the latest recommendations on product use and more information about Luna Privilege go to the Luna Privilege website.