Mesurol 200SC

Mesurol 200SC is a bird repellent. It is very effective for repelling birds which can damage seeds and seedlings and the flower buds of kiwifruit.

Pack size 3L.

Please download product label for full use guidelines.

Using Mesurol 200SC on Kiwifruit

Pest: Birds

Apply 375 ml/100 L in at least 800 - 1000 L of water/ha. Apply during August and September at the first sign of bird damage, or as birds are present in the orchard in numbers, and buds have reached a susceptible stage. A single application is generally sufficient, unless heavy rain occurs when a re-application may be necessary.

For more information about bee safety when using Mesurol 200SC, please click 'Bayer Informs' in the downloads section of this page

Using Mesurol 200SC on Peas

Pest: Birds

Apply 1.5 L/100 kg of seed. Add the required quantity of Mesurol SC and mix thoroughly to ensure complete coverage. A concrete mixer is satisfactory. When sowing peas use Mesurol SC treated seed for the two outside runs. After this it may be sufficient to sow treated seed from one of the drills four hoppers.

Using Mesurol 200SC on Vegetables

Pest: Birds

For seedlings of tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, broccoli and celery.  Apply 3.75 L/ha as a band spray over the crop row. Make the first application immediately after the crop emerges and repeat if necessary 14 days later so long as the crop is still vulnerable to damage by birds.