Galmano - Helping you get the most from your crop.

Galmano is a new seed treatment fungicide for the early season control of the foliar diseases of wheat - stripe rust, leaf rust and powdery mildew.

Foliar disease such as stripe rust in wheat reduces the expected wheat yield for farmers every year.

Galmano is no longer available as it has been deleted from the Bayer Crop Science product range in New Zealand.

Please contact your closest Bayer Crop Science Territory Manager for more information.

Galmano protects seeds from the time of sowing, leading to better crop emergence, increased drought tolderance, reduced lodging and strengthens stems and can help reduce total foliar fungicide costs.

Galmano is released from the seed immediately after sowing, forming a protective halo around the seed that is then taken up from the halo as the seed germinates, and is transported in the sap-flow throughout the plant to deliver root to tip protection.

Galmano when applied with Raxil as a combined seed treatment will give protection agains loose and covered smut (bunt) as well as stripe rust and powdery mildew.

Using Galmano on Wheat

Disease: Stripe rust, Leaf rust, Powdery mildew 

Mix 1.0 L with sufficient water (5 - 10 L) and apply as a slurry treatment to 1.0 tonne of seed ensuring complete coverage.