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Redroot (Amaranthus)

Redroot (Amaranthus) Redroot (Amaranthus) Redroot (Amaranthus) Redroot (Amaranthus) Commonly known as redroot (Amaranthus powellii) is the most often seen of the Amaranthus weeds in New Zealand. Able to grow very quickly up to 1 metre high, redroot is a seriously competitive weed in crops

Velum Prime

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Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Velum Prime is a nematicide for the suppression of root knot nematodes in carrots. Velum Prime with an unmatched safety profile brings a revolution in nematode management. With high intrinsic activity, resulting in a low application rate, Velum Prime reduces


species are the grey field slug and the common garden snail. Each slug can lay a significant number of eggs per year and so populations can increase rapidly. Slugs and snails are favoured by moist, cool conditions and populations are highest in lightly compacted or poorly structured soils where slugs


of high value pre-pack market lines. Black Scurf Favoured in cool and wet seasons, Beet rust (Uromyces beticola) is commonly seen in beet crops. Characteristic symptoms are raised red pustules on leaves. Read less Read more Severe infestations can lead to leaf loss and reduce yields


to deliver root to tip protection. Galmano when applied with Raxil as a combined seed treatment will give protection agains loose and covered smut (bunt) as well as stripe rust and powdery mildew.


;Knapsack application:  Use 400 ml/100 L water to wet the foliage. Using Nortron on Red Beet or Beetroot Weeds: Pre and post-emergent weeds Use 3.0 - 4.0 L in 200 - 300 L water/ha. Apply before or as soon as possible after drilling but before crop or weed emergence. The seedbed should be fine

Betanal Forte

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and Red Beets Weeds: Please refer to the label for a full list of the weeds controlled. Use 3.0 L in 200 L of water/ha after the crop has two true leaves fully developed. For best results treat weeds at the youngest possible stage. Damage may occur especially on red beet if treated prior to the two

Spray Calculator

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Spray Calculator Spray Calculator Spray Calculator Work it out for yourself Spray Calculator Use our spray calculator to work out the number of tank fills required to cover a spray area and the product requirements for one or more Bayer products per tank fill. Spray Calculator

Betanal quattro case study - Neil Rowe, Rotorua

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here, so he can pick things up before they are a problem. He invests a lot of time looking at the crop, and advising us on how to get the best results, not all reps do that. Problem weeds for Neil in the beet crop are typically red root, nightshade and shepherd’s purse, all dealt
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