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New Firebird Registration for Autumn 2017 Firebird,wheat,barley,weed control,Vulpia,hairgrass,annual poa, Firebird is now registered for use in wheat or barley planted by the 31st July at an application rate of between 300 – 500 ml/ha. New Firebird Registration for Autumn 2017


and Bayer has a hard earned reputation for producing high performing formulations you can rely on. Disease control revolutionised Proline has revolutionised the control of key diseases in key arable crops. It is especially effective against scald in barley and stem rust and blind seed disease


other than controlling weeds Highly effective weed control Controls a wide range of grass and broadleaf weeds Flexible application timing Can be applied from pre bud breakthrough to early summer. Longer lasting pre-emergent weed control in grapes and apples  That is the question
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