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Cereal fungicides – what should I apply this spring?

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a fungicide. Interestingly, the questions are also focused on wheat rather than barley.  Disease infections in barley are very evident at the moment with scald and net blotch being commonly encountered which is probably why wheat is generating the questions. T1 fungicide choice in barley

Don’t miss the last chance to protect your cereal crops

Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Don’t miss the last chance to protect your cereal crops Don’t miss the last chance to protect your cereal crops Bayer New Zealand Limited Spring barley disease control Many spring planted barley crops will now be at flag leaf emergence, the ideal time

Spring 2016 – what will the disease threat be like?

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Bayer New Zealand Limited For barley Bayer will not be changing their recommendation from 2015 when a programme of Delaro applied at GS31-32 followed by Aviator Xpro at GS39 delivered very good disease control with associated high yields. “This spring will certainly be interesting

New Zealand farming couple grow record breaking wheat crop

record for barley. The addition of the wheat world record firmly puts New Zealand at the forefront of worldwide farming. Eric puts his success down to his partnership with Bayer and Yara. Bayer, for its agronomy advice and range of crop protection herbicides and fungicides; and Yara, for its

Time to get on top of weeds in cereals

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control annual poa and ryegrass along with a long list of important weeds such as field pansy. If wild oats are a problem then applying Puma S will provide effective control. For barley Hussar is the product of choice. Controlling a wide range of broad leaved weeds, Hussar ensures you get your crops

Growing a world record crop - no easy feat

own successful world record for the barley yield. Achieving Eric and Maxine’s record needed 12 months planning, complete dedication and total focus on the day. And from a team, not just from Eric and Maxine. This is a big challenge for any team of people but the team involved achieved just

What it takes to grow record yielding crops

together, without the support of Warren Darling, current world record holder for the yield of a barley crop, and without the flexibility and backing of the large number of people in Canterbury, this attempt wouldn’t have been successful.

Bayer launches three new crop protection products

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called Bixafen. Ideal for reducing resistance, it is effective against Septoria tritici in wheat and Scald and Ramularia in barley. It also has excellent control of stripe rust, leaf rust and net blotch. Another innovative feature of Aviator Xpro is its Leafshield™ technology, a patented

Bayer support for Young Horticulturist of the year

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years. “I think it’s a great way to develop interest in such an important industry and it encourages young leaders to find sustainable agricultural solutions for the future.” Passionate kiwifruit and avocado orchard co-owner, Patrick Malley, took home the Young Horticulturist

Young Horticulturist NZ Grand Final an all North Island race

and in helping other young people to find a great future in the sector. Young Amenity Horticulturist of the Year, Jeanette Barker, says she feels proud to be able to create spaces that everyone can visit to gain the same sense of tranquillity and connection she feels when working with plants. "I also
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