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Mesurol 200SC

/products/insecticides/mesurol 200sc
Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Mesurol 200SC is a bird repellent. It is very effective for repelling birds which can damage seeds and seedlings and the flower buds of kiwifruit. Pack size 3L. Please download product label for full use guidelines. Bayer New Zealand Limited Using Mesurol

Mesurol 500FS

/products/seedgrowth/mesurol 500fs
Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Mesurol 500FS is a seed treatment used on maize, sweetcorn and sorghum seed for repelling birds. Bayer New Zealand Limited Using Mesurol 500FS on Maize and Sweetcorn Seed Pest: Birds Apply 1.0 L/100 kg of seed. Mix with sufficient water (maximum of 1.0

Kiwi hatching goes global

/articles/kiwi hatching goes global
Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Kiwi hatching goes global Kiwi hatching goes global Bayer New Zealand Limited Live footage of New Zealand native birds can be viewed all over the world thanks to new technology at the Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre. The installation of two new infra


that has a distinct vinegar odour. Berries change colour and infection can quickly spread through bunches. Sour Read less Read more rot is caused by a complex of undesirable yeasts and bacteria and is often associated with botrytis infections. Sour rot gains entry through wounds from birds
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