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Aviator Xpro case study - Ian Batchelor, North Canterbury

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seven-and-a-half and ten tonnes of spring barley and last summer was pretty dry so we were very happy with that.” “It was the first time I’ve ever seen a crop of barley senesce naturally rather than die off due to disease and it was beautiful grain to harvest,” recalls Batchelor. Aviator Xpro case

Betanal quattro case study - Chris Horn, Waitaki

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around the Waitaki Basin district. “With beef prices being strong, more farmers are wanting to finish cattle rather than trading them, and are looking to fodder beet as a feed source that is high yielding over a small paddock area,” says Chris. More beef farmers are recognising the high

Betanal quattro case study - Gareth Isbister, North Otago

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to the spring sowing season. It meant we had to delay spraying for longer than we would normally do, thanks to the crop being quite slow to emerge. His main focus for the Betanal quattro spray programme was fat hen and wire weed. The trade off was to hit it earlier, rather than let it get too established
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