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- 200,000 seeds which germinate in shallow soil. Scentless Chamomile Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) is an important cultivated grass species which becomes a very competitive weed when growing in cultivated crops. Though it is a perennial species it will still Read less Read more produce

Puma S

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Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Puma S can be relied upon to consistently deliver a high level of control of wild oats in wheat and perennial ryegrass seed crops and to control lesser canary grass in wheat. Both of these grass weeds compete to significantly reduce the amount of nutrients, light

Aviator Xpro/Prosaro case study - Andrew West, Mid-Canterbury

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cropping farmer Andrew West grew fantastic wheat crops this season – with yields of up to 15 tonnes per hectare (ha). Andrew – who farms a 900 ha, irrigated property at Wakanui, east of Ashburton – grows wheat, barley, ryegrass, peas, radishes, potatoes and other crops. Aviator Xpro/Prosaro case


of glyphosate resistant weeds, including ryegrass Easy to use Low use rate Less product to store Less packaging to dispose of Reduced cost By reducing the number of in-season herbicide applications required Simple weed management Allows you to focus on other important jobs

Get rid of weeds now in your autumn planted cereals or ryegrass seed crops.

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Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Get rid of weeds now in your autumn planted cereals or ryegrass seed crops. Get rid of weeds now in your autumn planted cereals or ryegrass seed crops Othello OD,Hussar,Jaguar,Herbicide,Barley,Wheat,Ryegrass Seed Crops Now is the time to walk your paddocks


in ryegrass seed crops. The exceptional control has lifted average yields resulting in increased the profitability of these crops. Used in wheat Proline provides very effective control of Septoria leaf botch (SLB). Without Proline containing fungicides it is true to say SLB would be very difficult

Aviator Xpro case study - Graeme Marshall, Darfield

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Canterbury irrigated property, with an emphasis on seed crops; but also includes dairy grazing and wintering lamb as part of their farming programme.  Last year, the Marshalls grew a wide variety of crops including: wheat; barley; ryegrass; white clover; peas; browntop; fescue – as well as some maize

Bayer CropScience and the Grains Research and Development Corporation team up.

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additional researchers – a significant number of them to be recruited in Australia – will boost the abilities in Frankfurt to identify and explore advanced technologies. One major focus is to provide Australian agriculture with solutions to manage weed control problems including ryegrass, wild radish

Time to get on top of weeds in cereals

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control annual poa and ryegrass along with a long list of important weeds such as field pansy. If wild oats are a problem then applying Puma S will provide effective control. For barley Hussar is the product of choice. Controlling a wide range of broad leaved weeds, Hussar ensures you get your crops


. Stripe Rust - Wheat Stem rust (Puccinia graminis) is a disease that has many species specific strains. The strain that infects ryegrass in New Zealand does not attack other species such as wheat or barley. Stem rust is favoured by warm Read less Read more conditions and is at its most
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