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Betanal quattro case study - Clinton Carroll, Wairarapa

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around critical timing. A key part is seed bed preparation. The most successful crops Clinton sees are the ones where, after initial spraying and cultivation, the seedbed is left for 4-6 weeks before sowing. A ‘stale’ seedbed provides time for any particularly persistent weeds to re-emerge

Betanal quattro case study - Simon Shortland, East Coast

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now, getting paddocks tested and even cultivating early to leave a stale seedbed to determine what the problem weeds will be. Betanal quattro case study - Simon Shortland Betanal quattro case study - Simon Shortland, East Coast

Weed control key to beet success

plantingAllows each beet plant its optimal space to grow and quickly grow to create a crop canopy which shades out weed competition Seedbed preparationIdeally create a fine & firm seedbed that allows even crop emergence and also optimises pre-emergent herbicide performance Use a stale seedbed

Betanal quattro case study - Chris Horn, Waitaki

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around the Waitaki Basin district. “With beef prices being strong, more farmers are wanting to finish cattle rather than trading them, and are looking to fodder beet as a feed source that is high yielding over a small paddock area,” says Chris. More beef farmers are recognising the high


growing annual grass found throughout New Zealand in a wide range of crops. While individual plants tend to be small, populations of this grass weed tend to be large and they then compete for light, nutrients and water. In New Zealand three species of Vulpia (Vulpia spp) are found and being very

Kiwi hatching goes global

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, the centre is run with the help of a small and dedicated band of volunteers. Entry is by donation as the centre is a non-profit organisation that survives without government help.

Arable Ys goes stateside

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cropping industry recently. The Bayer Bee Care Centre in North Carolina was just one of stops on the trip that also took in Oregon, Chicago, Kentucky and Tennessee. The team, made up of members of the Arable Ys, were able to see small seed, grains and horticultural production as well as race horse

Get rid of weeds now in your autumn planted cereals or ryegrass seed crops.

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and get on top of any weeds before winter. Bayer New Zealand Limited It is always much easier, cheaper and more effective to control small weeds. Especially if this can happen before the weeds are exposed to cold winter weather. Cold weather  encourages leaf wax development which &ldquo

Challenges of a world record attempt

needs to made along with the factors that were considered when reaching decisions about the agrochemicals and nutrients to be applied. On the day the attempt is made, a small army of helpers, both in a professional and volunteer capacity, are required to ensure every single minute of the attempt

An updated product label makes Betanal quattro a more convenient fodder beet herbicide

/articles/an updated product label makes betanal quattro a more convenient fodder beet herbicide
are timing, growth stage of the beet crop and the size, growth rate and species of weeds present. Starting early and targeting weeds that are small and actively growing is most effective,” recommends Daniel. Betanal quattro provides increased flexibility in application timing as it can be used from
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