Stewardship - Taking responsibility

We recognise that a company like ours must take responsibility to ensure that our products do not have a negative impact on human health and the environment – from manufacturing to marketing to application and beyond.

By monitoring the way our products are used and by investigating any observations of negative impacts on human or animal health or the health of the environment we can adjust the use patterns of our labels to ensure negative events are not repeated.

We also constantly seek to reduce farmers’ sole reliance on agricultural chemical with integrated approaches, as well as look to reduce the application volumes our crop protection products require where possible. Our other development priorities include products with improved toxicological and eco-toxicological profiles, faster degradation in air, soil and water, and high selectivity.
We need stewardship for the future - to ensure the continued use of existing and new, highly beneficial crop protection products, it is critical that the whole agricultural industry demonstrates the highest level of stewardship. This means taking all possible steps to raise standards of handling and usage, and minimising any possible risks to health and the environment.