Disease Watch First Edition - 22 September 2016

Welcome to the first edition of Disease watch, a season long programme designed to keep you informed and ready to tackle diseases invading arable farms around the country.

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Disease Watch First Edition


Wherever the Bayer team is looking at the moment Septoria leaf blotch can be found. This wheat crop at the Aorangi Research Station near Fielding Lower North Island, currently at GS32, is showing significant infection with Septoria leaf blotch (SLB). GS32 is an important time when considering disease control programmes as this growth stage normally coincides with final leaf three emerging.

In situations such as this, adopting a three spray programme utilising Aviator Xpro at GS32 and GS39 followed by Proline + a strobilurin fungicide at GS60-69 will provide excellent control of SLB as well as late infections of leaf rust.

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