Disease Watch Third Edition - 14 November 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of Disease watch, a season long programme designed to keep you informed and ready to tackle diseases invading arable farms around the country.

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Disease Watch First Edition

After reviewing the latest findings from the Bayer Sales and Development teams, it is apparent that there is an aggressive development of Septoria leaf blotch and wheat leaf rust on the lower North Island. In Canterbury, the ones to watch are Ramularia leaf spot and scald. Find out what the disease threat looks like in your region below.

Wheat - Lower North Island

A recent trip to the Bayer fungicide trial at the Aorangi Plant and Food Centre near to Fielding revealed that Septoria leaf spot had been developing rapidly during the past three weeks. Where left uncontrolled, Septoria is now severely affecting the flag leaf with leaf two already almost dead.

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