Fodder Beet - Passion for Growing

Providing excellent yields and an energy rich food source, fodder beet has become an increasingly popular forage crop for New Zealand farmers. Growing fodder beet requires a significant investment and is a new challenge for many. To get the best from your fodder beet crops it is critical that you give them the care and attention they need and this is where Bayer can assist.

Customer Marketing Manager for Fodder Beet & Horticulture, Chris Miln, talks about the benefits of partnering with Bayer to grow this lucrative crop:

“Bayer Crop Science has been actively involved in beet crops for many years, working closely with the industry to achieve top quality, higher yielding beet crops. Bayer has a wealth of experience with sugar beet production in Europe and has been able to bring this knowledge to New Zealand, providing local farmers with an effective product range. Our local in-field Development Specialists have worked closely with the global team to deliver crop protection programmes adapted specifically to New Zealand conditions.

Fodder Beet Bayer Chris Miln

“Because Bayer has been involved since the early days of fodder beet plantings, our Territory Managers are highly experienced and knowledgeable about fodder beet spray programmes. Both the Sales and Development teams have representatives based in the key fodder beet growing areas so there is always someone available to provide expert advice, specific to your region.

“Fodder beet being a slow growing crop is very susceptible to weed competition during the crop establishment phase. Herbicide choice and correct application timing is critical for successful establishment of beet crops. Bayer has an extensive range of pre and post emergence herbicides for beet crops and, most recently, we launched Escolta, a new fungicide product to help maximize yields. Last season extensive farmer block trials with Escolta were conducted throughout New Zealand. These demonstrated excellent disease control and plant greening benefits which resulted in significant dry matter yield increases. It is this development work that puts us at the forefront of innovation in this crop segment.

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