Supporting local R&D in NZ

Roy Stieller, Senior Development Specialist for Bayer is a face recognised by many arable merchants and farmers located in New Zealand’s South Island.

Roy’s speciality is fungicide research. It isn’t exaggerating to say Roy knows all there is to know about fungicides, not just Bayer fungicides, but those from other manufacturers as well. Roy has been researching Bayer fungicides from the introduction prothioconazole and in this process he has compared Bayer’s fungicides to countless competitor fungicides. A process Bayer considers key to developing a successful product.

As well as pure development trials, which generate data essential to the NZ product registration process, Bayer also carries out a number of activities to support its arable fungicide portfolio. These are outlined below. The Bayer development team play a key role with these but as Roy says, it is the involvement of the entire Bayer team which makes these activities fun.

Marketing support trials are designed to generate data supporting and guiding the use of the existing Bayer fungicide range, not to develop new fungicides.

Bayer has committed to conducting these trials on both wheat and barley for at least 5 years. Already they are generating valuable data showing the economic value of fungicides, regardless of disease pressure. The data is available via your agrochemical merchants or the Bayer field team.

Disease watch was introduced in 2016 to help the arable industry understand how disease develops throughout the main cereal growing areas. The industry response to disease watch was very positive, which has encouraged Bayer to continue with Disease watch 2017.

This year Bayer would like Disease watch to be even more interactive. This year you can become directly involved if you wish to. Send your photographs to Neil Waddingham at and Neil and Roy will attempt to identify them for you. You never know, they could be seen in Disease watch 2017!

Whether you feel the urge to get a camera out or not, make sure you receive Disease watch by signing up on this website.

Have you visited ? If not, you are missing out on a wealth of data around cereal diseases, fungicide use and product stewardship. Visit the site now to see for yourself.

For 2017 Roy and his colleagues already have a full development programme in place designed to support the next generation of Bayer fungicides which are currently under development in NZ. In fact, thanks to the professionalism of the Bayer development and registration teams, if all goes to plan NZ farmers will be the first in the world to use Bayer’s exciting new fungicide range.