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Disease control and maximising yields

Maintaining leaf quality and retaining green leaf area, maximises the nutritional value of beet crops. While the bulbs provide an important source of carbohydrate, the crop leaves deliver a valuable source of protein. Apart from being unsightly, foliar diseases will reduce the palatability of leaves and reduce yields

Disease identification in beet

Using Escolta for disease control in fodder beet.

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Introduction to beet

The increase in the fodder beet area has been driven by its effectiveness as an overwintering option, especially for dairy farmers. Fodder beet produces high yielding crops that provide a highly palatable, energy rich food source for stock.

Getting the best out of your beet crop

With the appropriate management, farmers can be rewarded with a high yielding fodder beet crop. To achieve this careful planning, with the timely execution of crop management strategy throughout the season is required. It all starts with planning.

Weed control

Controlling weeds is absolutely critical in beet crops. Weeds can quickly choke beet crops and severely impact crop quality and yields. A well-managed and timely herbicide programme is required to grow a successful crop.