Field Pansy

Viola arvensis
Field pansy (Viola arvensis) resembling the garden variety pansy, the field pansy grows year round in parts of the North Island, but more commonly in the South Island. It grows in planted paddocks, on waste land and road-sides. Its seeds are similar to those of some forage seed crops making separation of seeds problematic. The plant grows close to the ground when young; when older stems can grow upwards to about 30 cm. The flowers are small, with five petals – two upper petals with a tinge of blue/violet, and the lower three petals pale yellow. Oval shaped mid green coloured leaves in a rosette formation have a shallow toothed edge. Seeds are light brown, oblong and approx. 1.5 mm long, encased in an oval pod.
Field Pansy

Field pansy (Viola arvensis) is a low growing annual weed that is very common in the South Island. Can germinate all year round and is usually found in cultivated crops and waste areas.


  • Apex rounded, base rounded
  • Short-stalked


  • Round to oval
  • Sparsely notched

Young plants grow as rosettes with stems close to the ground. Leaves are oval with long stalks and sparsely toothed.

As plants mature, leafy stems grow upwards to 30 cm high. Yellow to cream flowers are produced on long stalks.

Field Pansy

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