Senecio vulgaris
Groundsel (Senecio vulgaris) is an annual weed, found throughout New Zealand. It is a common weed in arable and horticultural crops, gardens and waste areas. The erect weed grows to 50 cm tall with soft, leafy stems and distinctive yellow flowers.

Groundsel (Sencio vulgaris) is a commonly found annual weed throughout New Zealand. Has an upright, erect growth habit and prefers nutrient rich soils.


  • Oblong shaped with rounded apex
  • Base tapered


  • Leaves:
  • Egg–shaped
  • Fleshy, toothed

Mature plants grow up to 50 cm tall with soft, fleshy stems and are irregularly branched.

Leaves are dark green and lobbed. Multiple yellow cylindrical flowers are produced on the end of stems.


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