Ryegrass - Perennial

Lolium perenne
Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) is an important cultivated grass species which becomes a very competitive weed when growing in cultivated crops. Though it is a perennial species it will still produce seed in the first year of growth. Generally germinating at the same time as the crop it grows quickly and competes aggressively for space, light, nutrients and water. Uncontrolled perennial ryegrass will significantly reduce yields. To identify look for young plants between the crop rows, young plants are upright and the leaves have prominent veins. As plants get bigger the leaves are shiny underneath and these stand out, especially on breezy days. Later, when in ear look at the seedhead as ryegrasses have one edge of the seed against the axis which means the flat side of the seed is visible.
Perennial Ryegrass

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