Spergula arvensis
Spurrey (Spergula arvensis) is a fine-stemmed, sprawling annual weed which is commonly found throughout New Zealand. It can often grow dense. Severely competing with and smother crop seedlings and establishing pastures. Spurrey germinates in the autumn and spring.

Spurrey (Spergula arvensis) is common throughout New Zealand. Germinating in the spring and autumn and typically in dense populations, Spurrey can suppress establishment and significantly compete with developing crops.


  • Very slender
  • Needle shaped
  • Diagonally upward


  • Rod-like
  • Pointed

Spurrey is a sprawling annual that grows upright to 30 cm tall. Stems are thin, a brownish colour with sticky hairs. The leaves are green, needle and succulent like with blunt tips and produced in whorls on the stem. Single white star like flowers are produced with five petals and up to 8 mm wide.



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