Infinito is a systemic and protectant fungicide for the control of late blight (Phytophtora infestans) in potatoes. The two active ingredients in Infinito (fluopicolide and propamocarb) work hand in hand to deliver the ultimate protection against late blight. Infinito has activity against all the life stages in the late blight life cycle. As well as having long lasting protectant activity, Infinito has systemic, translaminar and anti-sporulant properties.

Infinito is rainfast 1 hour after application.

Containing two new active ingredients, Infinito is an excellent resistance management tool in late blight spray programmes.

Infinito is no longer available as it has been deleted from the Bayer Crop Science product range in New Zealand.

Please contact your closest Bayer Crop Science Territory Manager for more information.


  • Infinito delivers the ultimate potato protection.
  • Grower peace of mind. Whatever the weather or disease, pressure growers can be confident Infinito will provide outstanding protection against potato late blight. 
Please download the product label for full usage guidelines.

Using Infinito on Potatoes

Disease: Late blight

Apply 1.2 - 1.6 L in 250 - 500 L of water/ha at 10 - 14 day intervals. Use the closer interval when rapid growth and conditions favour disease. For the management of resistance it is recommended that no more than 3 sprays per season be applied.  Withholding period: Potatoes = 14 days.