Monceren / Reason is no longer supplied by Bayer CropScience in New Zealand. For more information please contact Agritrade.

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  • Reason is fast acting rapidly killing disease spores, resulting in more consistent and effective disease prevention.

  • Translaminar movement - Reason penetrates and moves through the leaf tissue to protect the untreated side of the leaf, so preventing the progression of diseases, as well as pathogen sporulation on both sides of the leaf.

  • Strong anti-sporulant activity - Reason prevents sporulation, effectively stopping pathogens before they can spread to healthy leaf tissue and other plants within the field.

  • Proven performance - Practical use in Pukekohe has demonstrated Reason's efficacy in downy mildew.

  • Reason provides double performance in potatoes - equally effective in controlling early and late blight.

  • Reason is temperature independent, so is equally effective on direct and indirect germination of late blight sporangia.

Please download product label for full usage guidelines.
Crop Diseases Controlled
Onions Downy mildew
Potatoes Early blight and Late blight
Question Answer
Product Type Fungicide
Active Ingredient Fenamidone 500 g/litre
Formulation Type Suspension concentrate
Pack Size 5 L
Dose 300 ml/ha
Withholding Period Potatoes, Onions: 14 days
Compatibility Reason is compatible with most commonly-used insecticides and fungicides and some fertilizer sprays. Do not mix with strongly alkaline materials.

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