Jaguar is an early post-emergence herbicide with short residual activity recommended for the control of field pansy and other broad-leaved weeds in ryegrass and white clover seed crops.

Pack size 10L.

Please download label for full use guidelines.

Jaguar is no longer available as it has been deleted from the Bayer Crop Science product range in New Zealand.

Please contact your closest Bayer Crop Science Territory Manager for more information.

Using Jaguar on Ryegrass Seed Crops

Weed: Post emergence weed control 

Apply 1.0 - 1.5 L/ha after the crop has reached the 2 leaf stage and before weeds reach the maximum growth stages specified in the table. Use the higher rate for certain weeds and for advanced growth stages of all susceptible weeds. Under cool wet conditions some slight crop yellowing may occur, but this is temporary and will not affect subsequent crop growth or yield. Do not spray under drought conditions or if severe frosts are expected. Weeds growing under moisture stress are less susceptible to treatment and frosty or cold conditions may reduce activity.

Using Jaguar on White Clover Seed Crops

Weed: Post emergence weed control 

Apply 1.5 L/ha from late autumn to early spring once clover has developed at least 4 trifoliate leaves. Weak plant, soft, slow growing or large leafed cultivars may show temporary damage, but subsequent growth will be unaffected. Treatment in winter may result in less effective control of hedge mustard, mouse-ear chickweed, nipplewort and rayless chamomile.