Othello OD

Triple Action Weed Control that is flexible and easy to use.

Othello OD contains three complimentary herbicides to deliver unsurpassed weed control in wheat. By utilising different modes of action the risk of weed resistance occurring in your paddocks is reduced.


  • Othello OD combines the innovation and power of mesosulfuron and iodosulfuron with diflufenican to deliver unsurpassed control of many grass and broad-leaved weeds in wheat. Cost effective Othello OD not only safeguards yields through effective weed control but also simplifies weed control programmes in many paddocks.
  • Othello OD utilises herbicides with different modes of action thereby reducing the risk of weed resistance in your paddocks.
  • Othello OD utilises ODesi (OD) technology, innovative adjuvant technology which removes the need to add separate adjuvants.

Using Othello OD on Wheat

Weeds: Certain broadleaf and some grass weeds

Apply 1.0 L/ha as a post-emergence application up to GS30 of the wheat for general broad-leaved and grass weed control. Do NOT treat undersown wheat.  Avoid spraying during periods of prolonged or severe frosts as transitory discoloration or scorch to the crop may result.