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Wheat Fungicide Support Trials

Wheat fungicide support trials

In 2016 disease pressure was high, as this photograph taken near Timaru in January 2017 shows. But in 2015 the opposite was the case, in several of Bayer’s Canterbury wheat trials, disease levels were so low it was difficult to find disease to assess. Even so, applying a robust 3 spray fungicide programme demonstrated yield increases resulting in profits of $40-100/ha.

Barley Fungicide Support Trials

Barley fungicide support trials

2016 was also a high disease year for Ramularia leaf spot (RLS). In fact, in some paddocks RLS was so hard to control that questions were raised about the profitability of the fungicides applied. But in Bayer’s barley fungicide support trials they paid handsomely with an application of Delaro followed by Aviator Xpro giving an average yield increase of 3.3 t/ha and a margin over fungicide cost of $863/ha*.

*Average of 2 Bayer trials 2016/17 located in South Canterbury. Average yield increase compared to the untreated 3.3 t/ha, wheat price used $325/tonne, fungicide programme Delaro 750 ml/ha (GS32) and Aviator Xpro 1.0 L/ha (GS39) costed at $175/ha.