Planning and Executing

Fungicide Disease Planner Bayer Crop Science NZ

The importance of timing

It isn’t exaggerating to say timing is everything. Applying the right fungicide at the right time is the key factor for successful and profitable disease control.

So what is the right time?

Fungicide timing is driven by three factors:

  • Crop growth stage
  • The time interval between fungicide applications
  • Intensity of disease infection in your paddocks

Crop growth stage is important because with minor exceptions it indicates which leaves are emerging. So at GS32 final leaf three is emerging and at GS39 the flag leaf will be fully emerged.

Generally speaking when used at full rate, modern fungicides such as Aviator® Xpro or Proline® will provide effective disease control for 25-28 days.

When disease pressure is intense, especially for Septoria leaf blotch, stripe rust or scald, when entering spring, an early application to reduce disease pressure can be the right approach.