Bayer Products

Bayer Products

The products below are used to control weeds in beet crops. Click through to each page for details on product rates and timings.

Herbicide Options for Weed Control in Beet Crops


Nortron can be used pre-emergence and post-emergence on beet crops. Click here to find out more about Nortron (labels etc)

Betanal quattro

Betanal quattro is the convenient option for post-emergence weed control in beet crops. Betanal quattro contains the 4 most commonly used herbicide active ingredients in one easy to use product. Betanal quattro provides knockdown and residual control of weeds.

Advantages of using Betanal quattro

Ease of Use

  • One product instead of a mixture of up to three different products.
  • Less chance of measuring or mixing errors.
  • Reduces product or formulation incompatibility risks.
  • Reduces tank filling time.
  • Less packaging to transport and dispose of

Flexibility of Use

  • Can be used from cotyledon stage onwards of the beet crop.
  • Use rate flexibility. Use a rate between 2 - 5 L/ha that is suitable to the size of the beet crop and the size and intensity of the weeds present.

Optimised Formulation

Betanal quattro is an optimised modern suspo-emulsion technology formulation that provides the strong efficacy on weeds while minimising damage to the crop.

  • Reduces risk of crop damage.
  • Reduces product formulation or incompatibility risks.

For more information about Betanal quattro - click here to go to the BQ brochure.

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Betanal Forte

Betanal Forte is an effective knockdown product for broadleaf weeds in beet crops. It is commonly used as a component of a "triple mix" application where Betanal Forte is tank mixed with Nortron and metamitron. This "triple mix" broadens the weed spectrum controlled and also provides residual control. To ensure crop safetythe triple mix is not commonly used until the beet crop has 2 true leaves.

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