Beet Herbicide Spray Programmes

Getting the Best from your Herbicide Programme

Use a pre-emergent Nortron application immediately after planting. This provides weed control through the critical beet crop germination and early development stage.

For post-emergence applications

  • Start early
    • When weeds are smaller, more actively growing and are controlled with lower herbicide rates
  • Don't allow weeds to get too large
    • Weeds larger than 4 true leaves are more difficult to control
    • Higher herbicide rates are required which may check the crop

Spray Programmes Using Betanal quattro

Early weed emergence

If weed emergence delayed or slower – start Betanal quattro programme at beet two true leaf stage.

Late weed emergence

If herbicide applications are delayed resulting in a high weed pressure/rescue type programme the following is recommended.

High weed pressure

Spray Programmes Using Betanal Forte

It is recommended not to use Betanal Forte until the crop has 2 fully expanded leaf stage. Betanal Forte is commonly used in a tank mix with Nortron and a metamitron product (commonly called a Triple Mix). This Triple Mix broadens the range of weeds controlled and also provides some residual activity.