Abundant throughout New Zealand, chickweed (Stellaria media) is a challenging annual weed in new pasture and crops. With its quick, low growing and sprawling habit (up to 40 cm), chickweed will easily choke developing crops. Chickweed favours good moisture conditions so is problematic in winter and spring.



Light green

Apex pointed

Base rounded, stalked


Opposite in pairs

Ovate with pointed tip

As it matures, chickweed with its low growing habit will spread out to 40 cm. The round stems are thin, branched and weak being easily broken. The leaves are soft, green and up to 2 cm long. The leaves are in opposite pairs on hairy stalks.

White star-like flowers are produced on slender stalks. The flowers are 1 cm in diameter with 5 deeply divided petals. Chickweed grows very rapidly and can produce seeds within 6 weeks of germination. A plant can produce 10-20,000 seeds.


For Fodder Beet

For Arable Crops

For Vegetables