Redroot (Amaranthus)

Commonly known as redroot (Amaranthus powellii) is the most often seen of the Amaranthus weeds in New Zealand. Able to grow very quickly up to 1 metre high, redroot is a seriously competitive weed in crops, including fodder beet.

Redroot Amaranthus


Apex slightly pointed

Base tapered, stalked


Oval to rhombic, notched at tip

Reddish stem

Mature plants grow erect and upright to a 1 metre high but in challenging conditions, plants up to 5 cm will still flower. Leaves are oval narrowing at the tip with the base narrowing to the stalk.

The leaves are hairy on the underside. Has a reddish stem at the base with less branching as it gets taller. Produces numerous green flowers as inflorescences.


For Fodder Beet

For Vegetables